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What is commonly overlooked is how implementing fleet administration software impacts the end-person expertise (the employee) and the customer. Instead, discussions in boardrooms revolve around value, scalability and ROI. Under are six advantages of investing in fleet management software that go beyond the boardroom:

1. Go Paperless

Nearly all of heavy equipment rental corporations use some type of software, but still rely on paper-based methods for all or a part of what they do. With a centralized system and mobile Car maintenance app, jobs flow from the first point of contact (salesperson) to the dispatch office, then to the operator in the field and back to clerical and repair workers without a single piece of paper being printed.

Quotes get converted into jobs and jobs get dispatched, field personnel receive their job tickets on a smartphone or tablet where they can capture signatures and input labor hours. Finally, clerical workers receives pertinent billing info digitally in real-time.

2. Accelerate Your Payment Cycle

Getting paid more quickly for the services your business provides impacts your bottom line. Investing in a tool that helps reduce the time it takes so that you can get paid is common sense. With fleet administration software, you’ll be able to maintain vital clerical processes like accounts payable, payroll and receivables running fast. Info is input to a system solely once. It then flows from quote to bill electronically with minimal additional data entry. A job, for instance, might be marked as completed on a crane operator’s tablet and his hours entered prior to him arriving back on the crane yard or corporate office. Workers on the office receive information in real-time so they can rapidly process invoices immediately – finally leading to you getting paid sooner by your customers.

3. Simplify Scheduling

The dispatch division will be one of the anxious and complicated areas of your company. It’s the nerve middle of most fleet-oriented corporations and a spot the place expensive mistakes can happen. Utilizing a centralized fleet management system for scheduling offers visibility for real-time monitoring of assigned jobs as well as unit and workers availability. Additionally, centralizing the scheduling information permits for accurate job details to circulation by means of the system for all employees to view as needed. Final minute changes become more clear, emergency jobs are simpler to satisfy and your dispatch department can move from aggravating to more efficient.

4. Mobilize Your Workforce While Reducing Risk And Liability

Typically it may be hard for group members to collaborate while out of the office, but with a mobile app you may talk in real-time from any job site back to your yard, department office or corporate headquarters. Operators within the discipline can receive job tickets on their tablet the evening before. An app permits subject personnel to fill out security checklists and quickly and easily seize digital signatures to timestamp approvals before work begins. These capabilities promote safety and accountability during the work day, but in addition serve as a digital trail to reduce danger for everybody involved. If you’re not leveraging the ubiquity of smartphones or tablets, you’re lacking a possibility to extend efficiency.

5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are vital to the success of any business. A centralized system provides you a full view of each side of your online business 24/7. You’ll be able to simply track all of your people and fleet assets all through the day. Easily adjust to customer changes, always have the right personnel and tools on the job, bill rapidly and preserve your prospects pleased with constant reliable output made simple because of your fleet administration software.

6. Understand Your Enterprise (And Backside Line) Better

Get real-time intelligence that lets you see patterns and traits that can negatively affect your business. Permit fleet administration software to streamline every step so information only must be input once. Once info is correctly put in a wealth of data and analytics could be examined. Tools utilization reports, service history, labor, job profitability and much more.While it’s actually encouraging to know your tools is within the field performing work, fleet administration software supplies crucial information about the profitability of particular person jobs as well as the cost of maintaining the equipment including labor, components and overhead. This data is vital to a maintainable long-term business model in an environment of ever-growing competition and thinner margins.