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1. The rainy season on the island lasts from September to December. The rest of the year the weather is dry and sizzling, it is best for a beach holiday. Tourists, who plan to spend more time strolling across the island, however not on the beach, are really helpful to return resorts in curacao September or May, when the climate just isn’t so hot.

2. Mains voltage is one hundred twenty V, so for some home equipment special adapters are required. Sockets of American-fashion are ubiquitous; in most hotels adapters are available upon request.

3. All main shops accept credit cards; cash is only useful for many who wish to make purchases on the open market. In restaurants and petrol stations moneyless system is also used.

4. Vacationers who’re going to buy antiques or paintings as souvenirs must make sure to take care about all relevant documents. Export of the cultural property is strictly professionalhibited. This rule also relates to divers who anticipate finding gifts directly during dives.

5. It’s handy to travel around the island by car. Rent will cost about $60 a day. You need a passport and a world driving license as well as a credit card with the required quantity of deposit on the account. Those whose driving expertise is less than a 12 months could also be denied service.

6. The island is pretty protected, however it’s not really useful to discover some outlying areas. In public places you could monitor personal belongings intently; valuables needs to be stored on the hotel.

7. Tourists, who want to bring liquor of local manufacturing back from a visit, are beneficial to go shopping directly to the winery. The shop subsequent to it’ll offer vacationers to style products and then to buy their favourite liquor at the most engaging price.

8. All of the island’s beaches are very clear and well geared up for holidays. Snorkellers needs to be aware that diving in some areas is possible directly from the bank. These places are particularly suited to freshmen