Identified by varied names, like sober assistants, sober coaches, restoration coaches, and the like, sober coaches are one of the sought after assistance providers on this planet of addiction therapy. Typically after drug addiction, restoration, and acclimatization into the real world with all others, proves to be difficult for the addict. That is where a sober coach will be of help. A sober coach or companion is an individual who accompanies the patient to his/her home to help him/her adapt to the common manner of life.

There are numerous sorts of sober coach services, from live-in to on-call. It depends upon the affected person to choose the kind of sober coach that he/she might need. The assistance that a affected person can acquire from a sober coach could be varied. A sober coaching coach most basically helps the person see life in a new way. Another method through which sober coaches could be useful embody –

Removal of drugs and alcohol

Sober coaches take to removing all drugs and alcohol present across the patient. This may occasionally involve making an intensive search inside the affected person’s house and destroying any commodity that will take the affected person back to addiction.


One of many many issues that patients face when exposed to a daily life is the lack of knowledge and support. This is among the major issues that a sober coach will help them with. Sober coaches additionally function emotional assist for the sufferers, talking to them and inspiring them towards betterment.


Sober coaches assist patients in some ways, together with helping them adjust to their new life, interacting with their family members, doing their household chores, buying groceries, finishing purchasing, etc. They’ll additionally help the affected person integrate themselves back to work. Such companies could nonetheless, differ from coach to coach or firm to company.

Nutritional help

Years of drug addiction usually renders the patients weak and ill. It not only destroys their lifestyle but also their normal consuming habits, and eventually their diet. So, in some cases, sober coaches even help their patients take a proper dietary diet. They even help the affected person keep on with the diet and recuperate their health.


One of the many ways that a sober companion could be of assist to their patients is by being accountable. They maintain reminding and encouraging their patients to stay sober. They show them the adjustments that a clear and addiction-free life can bring to them. They set requirements for the affected person that they must live by.